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Industrial Dielectrics Holdings announces Terry Doll is retiring as Chief Financial Officer after 19 years with the company; Eric Goehausen will succeed him


Terry Doll announces his retirement as Chief Financial Officer of Industrial Dielectrics Holdings after a successful 40-year career in manufacturing. His retirement will be effective October 31, 2020.

Terry joined Industrial Dielectrics Holdings in 2001 to lead IDI Fabrication after having merged his Saturn Services business into IDI. Taking on his role as Chief Financial Officer in 2009, Terry’s strategic mind, manufacturing expertise, and dedication to the mission of the organization elevated IDI Composites International and Norplex-Micarta to their leadership positions in the thermoset composite market. He has been instrumental in the group’s successful expansions in Mexico, Europe, and Asia and into new, diverse product lines such as IDI’s line of structural thermoset composites and the 3i Composites Technology Center and Norplex-Micarta’s expansion into filament winding and advanced composites.

“I know that I speak for everyone in the organization when I say that Terry made my job immeasurably easier. Terry is a true helper-leader and he personifies the foundational cultural virtues of commitment, collaboration and creativity that we value as a Company. I am looking forward to Terry continuing to help steer the Company as an IDH Director” says Tom Merrell, CEO.

From day-to-day decisions to major acquisitions and investments, Terry’s intellect and humility have made him a trusted advisor and true visionary in the company.

The company announced that Eric Goehausen will succeed Terry as Chief Financial Officer. Eric brings over twenty years of finance and accounting expertise to the group having led private equity-owned and public companies through growth and transformation initiatives across industries including technology, healthcare, manufacturing and distribution.

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