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Henri Magnaud, Managing Director Of IDI Composites International Europe, Announces His Retirement After Nearly 40 Years In The Thermoset Composites Industry


As an innovator and composite industry veteran, Mr. Magnaud served in multiple positions during his storied career. As Technical Director and then Managing Director, Mr. Magnaud ushered IDI Composites International Europe into its leadership position as the premier thermoset composites formulator and manufacturer in Europe. He made great impacts on IDI’s global material technologies and his vast knowledge and intense focus on technical innovation, superior quality, and operational excellence propelled IDI CI Europe to become the first choice for OEMs, Tier 1s, and molders across diverse industries.

“Henri is known and respected throughout our industry as one of the pioneers who brought science to the art of SMC and he was a key contributor to IDI Composite Internationals’ rise to industry leadership. We will miss his commitment to the success of IDI but we know that he will, with family and friends, enjoy his well-earned next stage,” says Tom Merrell, CEO of IDI Composites International.

Mr. Magnaud started his career in thermoset composites in 1981 as a Chemical Engineer. Over his 39 years in the industry, he has been at the forefront of new material technologies and applications: from developing the first Class A part molded in mass production with In Mold Coating to high strength, low VOC SMCs for the most demanding structural applications.

Mr. Magnaud will be succeeded by Ms. Josy Mantet-Gay as Managing Director. Ms. Mantet-Gay is also an experienced composites industry veteran and previously served as Sales Director of IDI Composites International Europe.

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