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IDI Composites International Announces The Introduction Of Two New Structural Thermoset Composites STC® Branded Product Lines: Ultrium - Carbon Fiber Composites and Fortium - High Glass Fiber Composites.


IDI Composites International and The IDI 3i Technology Center have expanded their line of Ultra Performance Moldable Composites, Ultrium and Fortium STC® which will enable product designers and engineers to improve the design, manufacture, and durability of a broad range of products while adding greater design flexibility and lower overall material costs.

A part of IDI’s Structural Thermoset Composites product line, Fortium is a series of composite materials reinforced with 40% - 65% discontinuous glass fiber. This high level of reinforcement imparts high strength and impact resistance to these composite materials. The discontinuous nature of the reinforcement allows these materials to be molded into complex geometries by compression molding or injection molding processes.

Ultrium Structural Thermoset Composites raise the bar on stiffness as a function of weight. The carbon fiber reinforcement of Ultrium STC® makes these products well suited for complex geometric applications that require performance optimized high stiffness and low weight.

The use of various resins, like polyester, vinyl ester, epoxy and vinyl ester/urethane hybrids, imparts outstanding temperature resistance and toughness to Ultrium and Fortium STC® materials. The choice of resins and various reinforcement levels provides IDI Composites with a great deal of flexibility to optimize the cost and density of these composite materials and custom formulations can be created specifically tailored to the requirements of an application. Furthermore, as a thermoset material, Ultrium and Fortium STC® will not melt or deform at high temperatures.

Ultrium and Fortium STC® were developed to address the performance gap that exists between dense metals and more costly advanced composites to give molders and OEM’s a new material option to consider when designing products that require high strength, but where weight and cost are a consideration. Fortium and Ultrium possess exceptional specific stiffness and specific strength. Innovative companies are incorporating IDI’s Structural Thermoset Composites (STC®) into their product designs to replace lower performing traditional materials.

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