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IDI Composites International (IDI) is committed to providing educational resources to the design and engineering community on the features, advantages and benefits of thermoset composites. IDI's products span a variety of markets, from traditional electrical applications to cutting-edge alternative energy. Keep up with the latest company news below.

Articles / Press Releases

Innovation In Motion
The Production Team At IDI Composites International
IDI Composites International helps students at Mecosta-Osceola Career Center use UV Cure SMC and
     Carbon Fiber Composites to make car parts for an all-electric racecar
IDI Remembers John K. Merrell
IDI Composites International Aligns Management And Sales To Bring Additional Expertise To Vertical Markets
IDI Composites International - We're About Thermoset Composite Materials And Ideas
Lightweight Engine Uses Carbon Fiber Composite
DPS Electronics turns to IDI Composites International for stronger, lighter weight materials for their end of train units
Employee Profile: Hannah Heuser - Director Purchasing
IDI Composites International Remembers Bill Funke
IDI Composites International Displaying At CAMX
IDI Composites International – Invests In The Future
IDI Composites International S42 and S52 Lines of Sheet Molding Compound Receive Docket 90-A Recommendation
Jay Merrell Elected Chairman of the Board of the American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA)
IDI Composites International Names Ken Burns Facility Manager
IDI Composites International Has Promoted Sabareesh Indrasenan To Director Of Manufacturing
Custom Composites For High Performance Applications - IDI Composites / Norplex-Micarta Webinar - Watch now!
Watch IDI and Ashland's Webinar: Structural Thermoset Compounds: Strength Through Hybrid Chemistries
IDI Composites Announces New Line of High-Performance Structural Thermoset Compounds™
Manufacturers Turning to Thermoset Molding Compounds to Replace More Expensive, Less Versatile Metals
IDI Composites International Acquires Jet Moulding Compounds
From Chicago to China, IDI Composites International Helps Keep the Rapid Transit Industry on the Right Track
IDI Composites International Making Noise in the Quiet Revolution of Electric Cars
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