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Glass Fiber, Carbon Reinforced Composite Is Becoming the Backbone of The Oil & Gas Industry

Structural Thermoset Composites for oil and gasA new glass fiber reinforced or carbon reinforced composite has excellent load bearing capabilities, as well as corrosion resistance and dielectric strength. Called Structural Thermoset Composites, they are the right choice for the oil and gas market and any heavy industrial applications in which metals have always played an important role. Additional important properties of Structural Thermoset Composites that are important in oil & gas applications include high strength-to-weight ratio, high temperature resistance, dimensional stability, and non-sparking properties.

Structural Thermoset Composites for oil and gasApplications in the oil and gas market for which Structural Thermoset Composites are an ideal replacement for metals include load bearings, valve bodies, and downhole plugs and components for the oil and gas industry. In the case of pumps, valves, and piping flanges, polyester and vinyl ester Structural Thermoset BMC products may be used for their corrosion-resistant properties.

Learn more about Structural Thermoset Composites and how they answer the material requirements for the world's most demanding markets and applications, including Military & Aerospace, Transportation, Safety, Medical, Electrical, Oil & Gas, Alternative Energy, and Marine.

Custom Formulated Structural Thermoset Composites

Material Performance

Material Description

SMC Series

BMC Series

High Strength

The STC® 1000 line takes BMC to the next level of strength by formulating the product with high levels of reinforcement.

STC® 1000

High Strength &
Corrosion Resistant

The STC® 1100 line represents a highly corrosive resistant composite with high strength.

STC® 1100

High Strength &
Corrosion Resistant

The STC® 1200 line represents a custom blend of the STC-1000 and STC-1100 series to yield a unique value proposition.

STC® 1200

High Strength

The STC® 2000 line represents a traditional thermosetting composite with the added advantage of high glass concentration allowing high strength at a great value.

STC® 2000

High Strength & High Corrosion Resistant

The STC® 2100 line represents a highly corrosion resistant thermosetting composite armed with high strength performance.

STC® 2100

High Strength & High Corrosion Resistant

The STC® 2200 line is a custom blend of both the STC-2000 and STC-2100 chemistries allowing the composite to be customized for performance and value.

STC® 2200

High Strength & Impact Resistant

The STC® 2300 line represents a thermoset technology that utilizes hybrid technology to yield amazing toughness and improved impact performance.

STC® 2300

High Strength,
Corrosion Resistant & Impact Resistant

The STC® 2400 line yields corrosion resistant properties in addition to high strength, toughness, and improved impact strength.

STC® 2400

High Strength & Low Density Carbon Fiber

The STC® 3100 line excels when low density and high mechanical values are desired. The coupling of a highly corrosive composite with the newest carbon fiber options yields versatility and high modulus (stiffness) in a value added package.

STC® 3100

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